After successfully booking your flight and hotel, you have one more decision to make – Airport Transfer. This is a time sensitive issue which involves perfectly coordinating your flight timetable with your airport transfer service provider. This is possible with proper planning and choosing the right airport transfer type (either shared or private transfer) and provider. Successfully doing this will reduce your stress to the minimum when you land in your preferred city.

Now, let’s look at which of these airport transfer types – Private and Shared Airport transfer – is best for you, as well as the advantages, disadvantages and main characteristics.

Shared Airport Transfer

Main Character tics

It is a shuttle transfer that gives you a more cost-effective way of transporting from and to the airport.

It involves a predefined timetable with multiple stops

This is a good option to consider provided you’re traveling alone and to save money.

You need to check properly if your accommodation is close to one of the stops, otherwise you will need additional transport to your final destination point; and this can be stressful especially if you’re in a city for the first time.


Cost-Effective: This type of transfer magnificently lowers your cost of transportation because basically, the total cost for the airport transfer is split. So, a sole traveler will find this as a way to effectively save money and live under his predefined budget.

Helps you meet new people: Since you will be sharing your airport transfer with people you don’t know from different parts of the world, it may be a fun way to make new friends on your way to your destination. And we never can tell, some might just be staying in accommodation closer to you or in the same hotel as yours.


Rigid Time: The Shared transfer provider has a timetable which means you might have a time gap between landing and getting to your final destination. It is obvious that the total time exceeds the private transfer’s one.

Fixed Points: You definitely need to check if you’ll need an additional transport to your destination point. The shared airport transfer makes stops at predefined locations, so it is important to check the city map and plan it wisely to avoid unforeseen stress.

Longer Travel Time: As mentioned before, the shared airport transfer involves multiple stops, so it may take longer to reach your own destination. Take this into consideration and make your own time table if this is what you’re going for.

Private Airport Transfer

Main Characteristics

This is a more personal way of transportation tailored to perfectly care for your needs

It requires you making arrangements in advance, online booking, and you will get a “door-to-door” service.

Depending on your size of group, you can book standard sedan cars, minivans, or buses.

It requires you bearing the total cost for the airport transfer; so advisably, make a cost-benefit analysis before making your decision.


No Timetable: You have the total freedom to choose the booking time according to your departure/arrival. In case you have a delay, it is possible for you to adjust the transfer. This eases your stress in time management and for unforeseen events.

Your Destination is the only one stop: A private airport transfer is a door-to-door service, so this makes a huge difference. This is your best option, if your trip is time-sensitive (e.g. business trip).

Enjoy Luxury: This turns out to be more effective than the shared airport transfer when it comes to the added luxury you’ll get.

Enjoyable Experience with your Driver: The taxi drivers are knowledgeable of the city’s routes; they will provide you with useful tips on how to get around the city and even recommend interesting tourist destinations and local places to visit.


High Cost for Fewer Passengers: If the number of the people you’re traveling with is fewer than the number you could have traveled with if it is a shared transfer, then the cost will be borne up. The cost of a private airport transfer varies on the number of passengers, so you need to make the calculation per head to decide if it fits your budget.

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By Ibrahim