Equipped with commendable features and reasonable specs, the Vivo V21 is an ideal pick which is easily available at a meager starting price of Rs 28,900. The phone offers a flawless grip since it’s light in mass and is quite simple to carry. . vivo v21 Vivo V21 camera specifications on the back include Auto Flash, Digital Zoom, Face recognition, Hump technology, Dual Shot and lots more. Apart from this, other important aspects which should be taken care of while using this phone are downloading Google Android operating system, MMS and Bluetooth.

The camera setup on the vivo v 21 is quite basic but still comes across as professional in every regard. One can easily take snaps and share them via social networking sites or e-mails with people close to ones heart with the help of the Front and Back cameras, eye-level 2.0 front-facing camera, and a 12 mega-pixel rear camera for greater clarity. The ODEON VOIP broadband telephone is also a vital component of the vivo v 21 which will facilitate one to make long distance calls at affordable rates.

It is evident that the VOIP facility on the vivo v 21 is quite impressive when it comes to call clarity and speed. This has made this handset popular amongst youngsters and professionals alike. In fact, the ODEON VOIP broadband telephone helps one to make long distance calls at affordable rates. Further, this facilitates one to store plenty of data on the drive. As far as the battery of the handset is concerned, the result is satisfactory and commendable. While speaking in general terms, the handset lasts for several hours and remains charged till its capacity.

To give you a bird’s eye view of the vivo v 21 smartphone, let us have a look at its hardware. At first look, we could notice that the rear face has been crafted out of brushed metal with an inbuilt fingerprint sensor that ensures no finger pollution on the screen. Next to come out are the physical home button and volume controls with capacitive keys.

Under the housing of the device, we could see a 5.2″ colorful screen protected by Gorilla glass. The backlight of the smartphone is also quite impressive with brightness ranging from around 450 nits to 615 nits. As far as memory is concerned, the VOIP package along with the Rs 1400 SIM card will suffice to handle more than two hundred SMS messages. All these features have been integrated in a body that is just under one inch in size.

Speaking of the looks, the Vivo V 21 has got all the traits one needs to create a fantastic build quality. A metallic finish on the metal frame gives it a premium look. However, an additional touch of cream color on the frame completes the overall appearance of this smartphone. If we take a closer look at the internal components of the phone, we find it packed with power saving components in order to enable the battery to last long. In addition, dual camera and connectivity hardware along with the regular camera and a torch key complete the hardware package of the Vivo V 21.

Camera department of the smartphone is no less impressive with the Vivo V 21 coming with 16 megapixels, optical image stabilization, and an effective OIS feature. Optical image stabilization ensures that the captured images are well-captured even in the case of shaky hands. On the other hand, the OIS feature delivers excellent clarity. This is largely due to the fact that the Vivo uses Sony’s Exmor P image sensor. It further features laser auto focus and image stabilization to ensure that you get clear images regardless of where you point the camera or whether you are taking photos of moving objects. The OIS also works well when shooting videos.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a smartphone with a large amount of memory, then the Vivo V 21 is the one for you. It comes loaded with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2 which offers connectivity features like Bluetooth, MMS, and GPS. Apart from the connectivity features, it offers the capacity to play audio and take up screen shots and so on. With a high density battery and a powerful qubit processor, you can expect a lot from the vivo.

By Ibrahim